Advance Finance Alliance offers your business financing without bureaucratic delays and long waits – AFC.

Our real estate experts are always there to help you with your application and help you get the money you need for your business strategy in the time frame you expect, not weeks from now.
If you have a property that you can pledge and you need a business loan, we're here to help. Working with us is a transparent process. There are no hidden or unexpected fees. Our repayment schedules are flexible and we will always find the perfect solution for your business.
individual approach to your needs
Funding must be done on time
We understand the value of time for business, so we give you personal feedback and recommendations on your application within one / two days. Signing a loan agreement with an investor takes a few hours. A repayment schedule agreed according to your company's needs will give your business the freedom it needs to grow.
Focus on your projects. We will supervise the paperwork process and all administrative issues.
How much can I get?
The value of the collateral
$20,000 $300,000
Desired amount
$10,000 $180,000
6 months 36 months
Type of loan
Payment / month
$ 1500
Overpayment of interest
$ 27000.00
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