We are a modern company that has been living and developing for many years. We see how society has changed over the last decades. Our values are not just beautiful words, but new principles of life for investors, businessmen, the company and society as a whole.

What we do for modern people has remained the same. For everyone who has dreams, ambitions, goals and desires to improve their lives. For people who create something new, explore the world, grow and develop.

Modern man thinks critically, seeks opportunities, invests energy and soul in creating something new. A new way of life, hobbies, new business, project, new own "today" and "tomorrow".

We understand that creating this new resource is impossible. Thanks to resources, people make dreams come true and realize their plans at the speed and scale of the modern world. Like blood, which nourishes every cell of the human body, resources nourish human life and society.

Our mission: to give modern people an additional resource - money, time and confidence - to realize themselves and their values ​​in the modern world. Not in the future, but now!


Заснування AFA. Укладена перша пряма угода між інвестором та позичальником


Компанія супроводжує більше 100 клієнтів


Об'єм угод $2 млн


Головний офіс AFA перемістився до БЦ Парус


The most valuable in our work are people: experts in finance, audit, financial risk assessment, law, real estate, marketing, design and construction, customer service, without which it is impossible to imagine a group of companies Advance Finance Alliance.


We are proud of our team, which solves investors and borrowers at all times and helps AFA clients achieve their goals.

Yuriy Prus
Natalia Konoval
Oksana Balanivska
Chief Accountant
Hanna Pavliuk
Head of Legal Department
Марина Руденко
Chief marketing officer
Anna Kruhlyk
Chief Customer Officer
Bulyha Kateryna
Business Development
Sydorenko Nataliya
PR Officer
Prus Vasyl
Marketing Communication Manager
Chernieva Anastasia
Marketing Communication Manager
Tolstikova Lyudmila
Business Development
Romanova Svetlana
Expert of Legal Department
Галус Юлия
Finance officer
Неля Поночевна
Finance Officer
Денис Варламов
Business Development
Shchukovska Olga
Business Development
Gerasemenko Tatiana
Project Manager
Myshkoriz Nataliia
Project Manager
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